XVI Copa Agua Alta and II Careyes Polo Festival, 2015

XVI Copa Agua Alta and II Careyes Polo Festival, 2015


The Porsche Polo Teams got crowned as the supreme winners for the 3rd consecutive time of the Copa Agua Alta and Copa Agua Baja celebrated from the 28th of March to the 11th of April.


Amongst beach activities, polo games, driving experiences, photo exhibitions, parties and special activities, the hosts, Alberto Ardissone and Giorgio Brignone were proud to show their organization and hospitality by showcasing such a magnificent event. It is worth mentioning that for the 3rd consecutive year the Copa was presented by the German car brand Porsche, who were displaying all their line of sports cars, adding a touch of luxury and adventure to the guests’ experience, in what it is the most important tournament held in Mexico.


Across the event, the public were able to enjoy special driving experiences throughout the beautiful Costalegre at the South of Jalisco, where in its very heart lays Costa Careyes, halfway between the port cities of Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta.


The guests to these activities enjoyed the Porsche cars, driving them across the jungle scenery of the zone (Barra de Navidad, Tenacatita, Chamela and Pérula), besides doing speed and skill trials at the future aerodrome of Costalegre (7200 feet), pleasuring the lovers of these high performance vehicles, thanks to the presence of the whole scale of models, ranging from the recently launched Boxter and Cayman on its GTS versions, the emblematic Race 911, the Macan in its Turbo modality to the Panamera and Cayenne in its version S e-hybrid.


At the XVI Copa Agua Alta in the 8-10 goals 6 teams participated, while in the Agua Baja of 4-6 goals 4 teams fought for the crown.

All these events took place within the Careyes Polo Festival, which lasts for 2 weeks and also hosted a Juniors Cup, an Amateurs Cup and the famous Gold Cup, whose 2nd edition showcases the highest and most competitive level that can be experienced in Mexico, with a handicap of 16 and 18 goals. 

Old sports rivalries, passion for Polo and an excellent game level, fully captured the crowd’s attention, who filled the terraces and suites of the 2 fields were the games were held, while the evenings highlighted every corner of Careyes, culminating with the delirious closing night White Party by clothing brand Tucané, which between a tropical band and Dj’s, kept everyone dancing until the wee hours of the morning.


One of the most important remarks of the event is the arbitrage by 3 International referees, including Matias Baibiene, who has been invited to referee some of the most important finals of the world, including the USA, UK and Argentine Opens.


The Porsche Team, with Billy Steta, President of the Mexican Polo Federation, at its head was the winner of the Copa Agua Alta in a hard-fought game against the Giorgio Brignone lead 

USA-Costa Careyes Team, in which technic, skills and both teams experience showered the audience with endless excitement up until the last minute of the game, ending with a 9-8 score. 

During Copa Agua Baja, the Porsche Team, again lead by Guillermo “Billy” Steta took the highest prize.


Copa Agua Alta Results

1º place Mexico-Porsche.

2º place USA-Costa Careyes.

3º place Italy-Casa Agua Alta.

4º place Peru-Costalegre.

5º place Switzerland-Tucané.

6º place Canada-Maestro Dobel Diamante.

Best professional player Copa Agua Alta: Guillermo Li.

Best Amateur player Copa Agua Alta: Cedric Schweri.


Copa Agua Alta Team Mexico-Porsche (First Place)

Guillermo Steta (Mexico)

Guillermo Li (Peru)

Federico Uribe (Colombia)

Diego Aguilar (Mexico)


Copa Agua Alta Team USA-Costa Careyes (Second Place)

Brian Boyd (USA)

Giorgio Brignone (Italy-Mexico)

Valerio Aguilar (Mexico)

Francisco Aguilar (Mexico)


Copa Agua Baja Results

1º Mexico-Porsche

2º Argentine-Emilia Castillo

3º London-Panyc

4º Puerto Vallarta-Destino

Best professional player Copa Agua Baja: Diego Velarde.

Best Amateur player Copa Agua Baja: George Sandhu



Copa Agua Baja Team Porsche (First Place)

Guillermo Steta (Mexico)

Diego Velarde (Mexico)

Alejandro de Souza (Mexico)

Rodolfo Ramos (Mexico)


Famous professionals like the Italian Argentinian Andrea Vianini, the Argentines Jota Chavanne and Nico Milán, the Mexicans Valerio and Pancho Aguilar, Diego Velarde and Miguel Gómez de Parada, the Peruvians Guillermo “Chino” Li and Iago Masías, the Colombian Federico Uribe and the Brazilian Olavo Junqueira also distinguished the Cup.


Copa Juniors (First Place)

Lulu Ardissone (Italy-Mexico)

Milo Ardissone (Italy-Mexico)

Giancarlo Brignone (Italy-Mexico)

Carlos Zamora (Mexico)


Copa de Oro Team Porsche (First Place)

Alberico Ardissone (Italy)

Federico Uribe (Colombia)

Guillermo Li (Peru)

Guillermo Steta (Mexico)


Copa de Oro Team Costa Careyes (Second Place)

Giorgio Brignone (Italy-Mexico)

Andrea Vianini (Italy-Argentina)

Miguel Gómez de Parada (Mexico)

Nico Milán (Argentine)


The Cup organisers also thanked all the amazing sponsors that helped make this event come to life, each being a unique piece without whom the Copa Agua Alta could not take place: Porsche from Mexico, the Jalisco State Tourism Office, that promotes Costalegre, the unconditional support of the Mexican Polo Federation, Tucané, who dressed all the players with its beautiful dry-fit creations, the superb tequila Maestro Dobel Diamante by Casa Cuervo, the travel agency Destino, Panyc, fashion in leather, the Taxco Silversmith’s Emilia Castillo and the grand traditional beer house Heineken.


The dates for next year’s edition of the Polo Festival, XVII Copa Agua Alta and the III Copa de Oro are from the 21st of March to the 4th of April of 2016.