Ylvisaker Cup: Patagones vs Audi

Patagones and Isla Carroll Win in Ylvisaker Cup

By Alex Webbe


A Carlos Gracida-led Patagones team rallied from a 7-6 halftime deficit to score a 15-10 win over Audi in the opening round of play in the 2009 Ylvisaker Cup at the International Polo Club.

Julio Gracida scored the first goal of the game for Patagones followed by a goal from Gillian Johnston (substituting for the injured Gonzalo Avendano).  Gonzalito Pieres got Audi on the scoreboard with a penalty goal, and with time running out, Juan Bollini tied the score at 2-2.

Carlos Gracida put Patagones up 3-2 with a goal in the second chukker, before Audi got on track.  Gonzalito Pieres scored three goals and Brandon Phillips added another for a 6-4 advantage.  Julio Gracida accounted for the other Patagones goal.

“We were having trouble in the throw-ins in the opening chukkers.” said Carlos Gracida, “and they were taking advantage of our mistakes.”

Pieres converted another penalty goal in the third chukker before Julio Gracida’s two goals cut the Audi lead to a single goal, 7-6, at the half.

Hall of Famer Memo Gracida was on hand to offer the Patagones team some advice at halftime, and a new team took the field for the fourth chukker. 

Julio Gracida tied it with his fifth goal of the game but Pieres converted a penalty shot to give Audi an 8-7 lead, but Patagones was just warming up.  Carlos Gracida added three more goals and Johnston scored her second to take a healthy 11-8 edge.

“They (Patagones) played as individuals in the first half,” said Memo Gracida, “but came together as a team in the last three chukkers.”

Carlos Gracida was displaying 10-goal form on both offense and defense as he led charges and directed players on the field.

Two goals from Audi’s Brandon Phillips were answered by Carlos Gracida who scored once from the field and then converted a penalty shot for another goal.  After five chukkers of play, Patagones held on to a 13-10 lead.

Audi continued to press in the final chukker, but the Patagones defense held.

“They (Patagones) kept Gonzalito (Pieres) from getting the ball in the second half,” added Memo Gracida, “If he can’t get the ball, he can’t score.”

Gonzalito may not have been able to get the ball, but Carlos Gracida certainly did.  Charging down the field toward the southern goal, Carlos Gracida executed a neck-shot that carried nearly 70 yards at an extreme angle for a goal.  Patagones went up 14-10.  A closing goal from Julio Gracida gave Patagones the 15-10 win

“I think it was a great team effort,” said Carlos Avendano, who played a solid back position for Patagones.  “I think that the combination of Carlos (Gracida) and I helped set up the rest of the team.”

Carlos Gracida led all scoring with seven goals.  Teammate and nephew Julio Gracida scored six times and Gillian Johnston added two goals for the win.

Gonzalito Pieres scored six goals for Audi.  Brandon Phillips added three goals to the pot and Juan Bollini chipped a goal.