Zacara tame Les Lions In Queen’s Cup league

Zacara tame Les Lions In Queen’s Cup league

By Herbert Spencer

Lyndon Lea’s Zacara beat Joachim Gottschalk’s Les Lions by 12 goals to 8 Thursday to take the lead position in League Four of the Guards Polo Club’s 22-goal Harcourt Developments Queen’s Cup tournament.

Les Lions had scored a massive win in their first match of the tournament and looked a strong team with the 9-goal Merlos brothers Sebastian and Augustin. When they met Zacara today, Gottschalk’s side had the advantage of playing on their home ground at Les Lions Farm near Holyport, Berkshire, but little good it did them.

The match was tied up in the first chukka and Les Lions were leading at the end of the second. But surprisingly Zacara held their opponents scoreless in both the third and fourth periods and built up an 8-4 lead. 

Les Lions rallied and the scoring was even in the last two chukkas, but this left Zacara the winners. Lea’s side now has a 2-0 win/loss record in their league.  

In the day’s other Queen’s Cup league match at Guards, Alfio Marchini’s Loro Piana squeaked by Paul Oberschneider’s La Golondrina by 13 goals to 12.