A Game of Two Halves for Clearwater in the U.S Open Polo Championship

coca1Coca-Cola were at least one step ahead of Clearwater in the latest, must win U.S Open Polo Championship league game where some beautiful, open field play had the team in red leading 7-0 going into halftime. Clearwater, with half their regular roster out with injury (Felipe Vercellino in for Gringo Colombres and Camp Campbell in for Chip Campbell), were noticeably rattled and unable to secure a single goal in the first half. They came out fighting going in to the 4th chukka however and 3 quick goals on the board had them back in the game.
They capitalised on this comeback and, on the up, Clearwater had a great second half, but despite putting up a good fight with some nice team plays, missed opportunities in front of goal had them trailing by 1 goal as the final whistle blew.
The Teams:

Chukka Breakdown:


Score Progression:


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The next match ups for Coca Cola and Clearwater will be Valiente and Park Place respectively. Two tough games for both sides.