Argentine Open – Day 3

By Jorge Andrades

In an exciting match La Dolfina outclassed Chapa Uno 15-14 with a goal scored by Adolfo Cambiaso through a 30 yards penalty in a supplementary chukker. Meanwhile, La Aguada had no problems in defeating El Paraiso 17-8 on the third day of the of 116th edition of the Argentine Open in Palermo. With yesterday´s results, the unbeaten winners will clash to decide the B zone for a place in the final.

La Aguada had an easy win over El Paraiso who put up a hard resistance just up to the half time, but from the fifth chukker brothers Miguel and Eduardo Novillo Astrada took the control of the actions and created good attacks which were well finished by Javier who scored 7 goals to be the top scorer of the game.

In the second game Chapa Uno played bravely but was overcame by La Dolfina which despite of their triumph had not a convincing task. After an even first chukker which finished 2-2, the losers, conducted by “Picky” Díaz Alberdi who replaced Ribeiro de Andrade (suspended) won the second 4-0 to put 6-2 ahead. La Dolfina´s reaction was immediately, gaining the next two periods 3-0 and 2-1 to equalize 8-8 by the final of the fourth.

The sixth and seventh chukkers were also even and hard fought but in the seventh the winners seemed to gain the match putting 3 goals ahead (13-10). It was then when Chapa Uno lost Bautista Heguy who left the field injured, but far from giving up the fight, his team came from behind to equalize 14-14 in the regular time, bolstered by  superb tasks by Hilario Ulloa and “Paul” Pieres who replaced Bautista in a good form.

Nevertheless, after a foul committed near the losers´ goal posts, Cambiaso showed his style netting a decisive penalty to give his team a hard worked victory.


La Aguada (17): Javier Novillo Astrada 9, Eduardo Novillo Astrada jr. 9, Miguel Novillo Astrada 10, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9. Total, 37

El Paraíso (8): Guillermo Caset jr 8, Ignacio Toccalino 8, Mariano González 8, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 7. Total, 31

Scorers: La Aguada: Javier Novillo Astrada 7, Eduardo jr. 3- 1 pen, Miguel 1, Ignacio 6- 4 pen. El Paraíso: Guillermo Caset jr 1, Ignacio Toccalino 6- 3 pen, Alejandro Novillo Astrada 1

Chukker scores: La Aguada, 3-2, 5-2, 6-3, 8-4, 11-5, 14-5, 17-6, 17-8.

La Dolfina Peugeot (15): Adolfo Cambiaso 10, Lucas Monteverde 10, Mariano Aguerre 10, Bartolomé Castagnola 10.Total, 40

Chapa Uno (14): Bautista Heguy 9 (replaced by Pablo Pieres 7), Hilario Ulloa 8, Alejandro Díaz Alberdi 8, Francisco de Narváez jr. 9.Total, 34

Scorers: La Dolfina:Adolfo Cambiaso 8-4 pen, Lucas Monteverde 4, Mariano Aguerre 1, Bartolomé Castagnola 2.Chapa Uno: Bautista Heguy 4-2 pen , Pablo Pieres 1, Hilario Ulloa 5, Alejandro Díaz Alberdi 3, Francisco de Narváez jr. 1 pen)

Chukker scores: La Dolfina 2-2,2-3,5-6,8-8,10-9,11-10,13-10,14-14,15-14.