Bobby Barry

Bobby Barry
August 3, 1961-July 12, 2008

Remarks said byCorky Linfoot before the opening afternoon match at Santa Barbara Sunday, July13, 2008:

“The polocommunity is comprised of just a small number of people. When a member of thisgroup gets out of polo for whatever reason, the rest of us take note. When aninfluential individual dies, most all of us feel the loss and the ripple effectreaches all of polo.

Because so manyplayers are the sons, daughters, nephews and in-laws of other involved in thegame, we grieve at such times with them. This has never been more apparent tome than now.

Last week welost one of the good guys. Bobby Barry died Thursday while jogging on the beachin Carpenteria. As in the case of all sudden deaths of young, fit friends thefirst reaction is shock. Even now, reaction from all of us who knew him is acombination of disbelief and injustice. He was a father, son, husband, poloplayer and much more. But most of all Bobby was a survivor.

Informed a fewyears ago that he had terminal cancer, undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy,Bobby continued a workout regime running stairs in the stadium at his hometownof New Braunfels, Texas. Doctors told him that he had a very small chance ofsurvival and to put his affairs in order because his days were numbered andpredetermined. Bobby’s reply to them was simple, direct and self-defining. Hesaid, “You don’t know anything about me.” He came back to health with avengeance.

Bobby has been aleading member of the USPA Professional Umpire program since then and a forceto be reckoned with. His consistent, professional, and impartialperformance as an official gained him the utmost respect from all.

Bobby had one ofthe greatest smiles I have ever seen. His physical presence created an auraevident in any room. His natural good humor and Texas manner invariably drewpeople to him. He was slow to anger but unwavering once he drew a line in thedirt.

In earlier yearsBobby played professionally. I had the great fortune to play both with andagainst him. He was a giver on the field and a workhorse and played the gamewithout malice. He was an honor bound teammate and adversary.

In recent yearsI have been involved in the umpire program here at Santa Barbara with Bobby. Hewas a leader of our group, which included his good friend and fellow umpireRick Sears. Bobby made our job easier by defining our responsibility, honingour performances and backing us to the hilt in the inevitable times of turmoil.By my definition Bobby was a man who could serve as an example to many in poloand other aspects of life.

Bobby will besorely missed. For those of us who knew him our thoughts and best wishes go outto his entire family.

Corky Linfoot

Visitation willbe on Wednesday, July 16 from 5:00 – 9:00 pm at

DoeppenschmidtFuneral Home
189 N Seguin Ave
New Braunfels,TX 78130
(830) 964-3050

The service willbe on Thursday, July 17 at 3:00 pm at

Oakwood BaptistChurch
2154 Loop 337
New Braunfels,TX 78130
(830) 625-0267

In lieu of flowers, the family of Bobby Barryhas asked that donations be sent in the name of Bobby to the Polo PlayersSupport Group, 11924 Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 22-287, Wellington, FL 33414,phone (516) 528-3821, email and website