British Ladies Polo Championship

Fantastic response to the British Ladies Polo Championship at Cowdray Park


Statistics show that women’s polo is growing at a faster rate than the men’s game and, for the first time, in 2018 the British Ladies Polo Championships at Cowdray Park will be played at two handicap levels, 6-12 goals and 12-18 goals.  The tournaments will open on 13th July and run through the final week of the King Power Gold Cup.  


Polo Manager Chris Bethell says: “Interest in the British Ladies Polo Championship has grown substantially, especially since women’s polo achieved its own handicap rating, and entry levels this year have been sufficiently high for us to offer two levels of competition.  Women had their own tournament for the first time in Argentina during the winter and there are some very talented and powerful lady players in polo today, so I am convinced we shall see quality polo being played here at Cowdray Park in 2018.  We are hoping to secure a significant sponsor for this event.” 


The 12-18 goal tournament retains the title of British Ladies Polo Championship and the 6-12 goal competition will be the British Ladies Handicap Tournament.  Both Finals will be played at the famous Cowdray ‘Lawns’ grounds on 21st July – the Saturday of the King Power Gold Cup weekend.


For further information or to make an entry for either tournament, please contact  Entries for the two levels of competition close on 2nd July.