Confident Win for The Dutta Corp in the U.S Open Polo Championship Qualifying Matches

Clearwater vs The Dutta Corp1
The Dutta Corp won against Clearwater by a huge score of 18-7 in the U.S. Open Polo Championship at National Polo Center on Sunday 31st March. Over doubling their opponents score, this experienced team dominated throughout, exploiting the weaknesses of the newer tam who haven’t had time yet to work out some of the kinks.
The Teams:
Clearwater vs The Dutta Corp3
With half of their goals coming from penalties, an impressive 100% penalty success rate helped them pull ahead and achieve that massive score giving them confidence as they head into their next U.S Open Polo Championship qualifying game against Valiente.
Chukka Breakdown:
Clearwater vs The Dutta Corp4Score Progression:
Clearwater vs The Dutta Corp5
Top Game Stats:
Clearwater vs The Dutta Corp6