La Dolfina wins the USPA Gold Cup


On Sunday March 24th, La Dolfina/ Tonkawa reigned triumphant over Valiente with a 12-9 win in the long awaited final of the USPA Gold Cup at the National Polo Center.

This is the second tournament in this prestigious Gauntlet of Polo and the second time these teams have faced each other in the final. This time it was the turn of the younger Cambiaso, Poroto, to take home the trophy as he led the young side combining home club La Dolfina with Jeff Hildebrand’s Tonkawa to victory alongside teammates Rufino Merlos and Tomas Panelo.

As shown below, the possession was heavily in La Dolfina’s favour throughout, with them leading on the scoreboard from the first bell to the last despite a sterling effort from Valiente to even the game at halftime. It wasn’t enough though and La Dolfina’s Tomas Panelo was instrumental in increasing the goal difference to the comfortable win by scoring 5 goals, and earning him his place as most Valuable Player.

dolfinala dalfina2

Next up will be the most coveted trophy of the US season, the U.S. Open Polo Championship fielding the same 9 teams. This will conclude what has been a nail biter of a season out in Wellington, Florida.