Laversine Cup – Elie de Rothschild Trophy

Laversine Cup – Elie de Rothschild Trophy


The Nice Surprise “Why Not”


There were many balanced matches on this first weekend of the Laversine Cup with final scores that showed the tiniest goal differences. It is by this difference of only one goal that one of the newly formed teams at 12 goals called “Why Not” won its first two matches, lead by its young and efficient captain Hanna Grill.


The Australian hired two French players – the co-number 1, Brieuc Rigaux (h5) and Clément Gosset (h2) – and completed her team with the Argentinean Julio Zavaleta (h5). Their first match, one of the most delightful of this beginning of the season, ended with a short defeat against Blackstorm: Why Not was only a few centimetres away from the goalposts, one second away from drawing level… when the final bell took away their last chance!

Regardless of that, Why Not gave the most beautiful answer to this small sportive repository by beating one of the seemingly invincible teams of the competition two days later: Castel, Philippe Fatien’s team, one of last year’s finalists, with the very talented Argentinean handicap 7 Guillermo Willington had to accept the defeat by one goal against the young Australian’s team.

Another victory was that of the Swiss team Marquard Media. Trailing by three goals in between (7-4) against Paprec Recycling (with the other French n°1 Pierre Henri Ngoumou), Marquard Media was able to flip the match to their advantage and eventually won the match in the last few seconds thanks to the Argentinean Juan Chavane: 8-7 was the final score!

In The Wings confirms its position as one of the most favoured teams with a victory over the Parisian team Palo Alto (9 to 7).

The tournament resumes tomorrow (Thursday, 31st) at 4.00pm in Chantilly with a very promising match between Blackstorm and Castel. At least one match is scheduled each day: A wonderful occasion to get a taste of this sport in a “green setting” and very easy-going atmosphere. (The access to those eye-catching matches is free.)