Pedro Morrison Memorial Cup gets underway

PedroMorrison Memorial Cup gets underway

ByAlex Webbe

Spirits weren’t dampened at the Grand Champions Polo Clubin the opening round of the 2012 Pedro Morrison Memorial Cup in spite of the light rain, as Newport/Ruby Q (BrianStreet, Diego Cossio, Nic Roldan and Gene Goldstein) scored an opening 6-5 winover Piaget (Melissa Ganzi, J. J. Celis, Juan Bollini and Joey Casey) followedby and Equine Law (Joaquin Panelo, Tommy Biddle, Ruben Gracida and AveryChapman) 4-2 triumph over Newport/Ruby Q before the skies opened up and thefinal three chukkers (Piaget vs. Equine Law).

Melissa Ganzi scored the first goal of the game to givePiaget a 1-0 lead before Newport/Ruby Q responded with three consecutive goals(Gene Goldstein, Nic Roldan and Diego Cossio) to end the first chukker of the round-robinwith a 3-1 advantage. 

J. J. Celis converted two penalty shots for goals in thesecond chukker, but Cossio’s second goal of the day kept Newport/Ruby Q on top,4-3.

Goals from Celis and Juan Bollini in the third chukkergave Piaget a 5-6 lead, but Roldan scored twice, the last coming in the finalseconds of play to salvage a 6-5 win.


Tommy Biddle got Equine Law started in the openingchukker with a pair of goals from the field while Newport/Ruby Q was heldscoreless for the first time all day. 

Roldan scored from the field and Goldstein added apenalty goal to tie it up at 2-2, but Chapman ended the period with a penaltygoal and a 3-2 Equine Law lead.

Biddle’s third goal of the game provided all of the scoringin the final chukker as the light rain intensified as the final horn sounded.

Heavy rains postponed the final and deciding leg of theround-robin between Piaget and Equine Law. The three chukkers are scheduled to be made up on Friday, October 19 at11 am at the Palm city Polo club fields in Boca Raton.

The second qualifying round-robin of the tournament is scheduledto be played at 4pm at Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington.