MAISON DÉCALÉ will be the exclusive outfitter for the next three (3) editions of the
MAISON DÉCALÉ is already a well-known brand in the French polo scene as it has been
the outfitter for the Barrière Deauville Polo Cup since 2018, the Polo Club of Chantilly
and the French Open since 2020, and the Polo de Paris since 2020.
MAISON DÉCALÉ is affirming its involvement in Polo with the POLO RIDER CUP and
will create a dedicated line of items, which will be sold through MAISON DÉCALÉ’s
distribution channels both online and on site during the POLO RIDER CUP.
François Puech d’Alissac, President of Maison Décalé, comments: “MAISON DÉCALÉ is honored
to be the Official Outfitter for the POLO RIDER CUP. This new commitment proves our desire to
be a long-term partner for the sport. We share the same values as polo: Fighting Spirit, Family
Spirit and Elegance. This new trophy and this human adventure motivate us enormously. MAISON
DÉCALÉ will be up to this competition!”
Olivier Godallier, President & Co-Founder of GAME Polo, comments: “We are very honored that
MAISON DÉCALÉ has taken up the challenge to follow us in this brand-new polo club competition
and we want to build a success story with them, creating quality polo items to dress the POLO
RIDER CUP with class and elegance.”