Royal Salute Gold Cup

Royal Salute Gold Cup

2014 China Open Polo 12-goal Tournament

On September 20th and 21th  the Tang Polo Club hosted the much awaited 2014 China Open Polo 12-goal tournament. The annual tournament was title sponsored by Royal Salute, and it was their fourth time sponsoring the China Open Polo Tournament. The tournament will last for almost a month battled out between four teams, Royal Salute China Team, Land Rover British Team, Industrial Bank Private Banking Team and VistaJet & Bombardier Philippines Team. This year, there are much more Chinese players take part in this tournament, whose performances showcased the increasing talent of the players in China. 

The day included numerous activities and fun things to do for all members and guests including stick and ball games on the field with small polo sticks, opportunities to meet the horses, jumping fences and dressage performance.

The tournament include two matches, each match consisted of four chukkas with a short break after the second chukka. Spectators watched the match from the viewing area of the club house and the polo house of Royal Salute.

Teams participated in the 2014 China Open Polo tournament:

Royal Salute China Team (RSC):

Liu Shilai (0),

Li Yanyang / Peng(0),

Miguel Diaz(5),

Malclom Borwick(6)

VistaJet & Bombardier Philippines Team (VBP):

Mikee Romero(0),

Liu Nan(3),

Anthony Garcia(6),

Benjamin Urquiza(5)

Industrial Bank Private Banking Team (IBPB):

Brain Xu (0),

Agustin (2),

Eduardo Venturino (5),

Diego Gomez (3)

Land Rover British Team (LRB)

Stuart Wrigley (0),

Viscount Melville(3),

George Meyrick(6),

Ben Vestey (2)

The first four chukkas of the day were played between the IBPB and VBP teams. 

Both of IBPB and VBP got 2 goals in the first chukka. It was an intense competition, most fouls took place in the first chukka. The score was 2 (VBP) : 2(IBPB) in the first chukka.

VBP dominated the second chukka with scoring 3 goals, and prevented IBPB from getting even one goal. The score was 5 (VBP): 2(IBPB) in the second chukka.

Both of IBPB and VBP got 1 goal in the third chukka. Diego Gomez got this goal for IBPB.  The score was 6 (VBP