Stimulus Package for 302 Polo


Aiken, SC – 302 Polo announced that it will be offering a significant stimulus package to teams entering its sixteen goal series for the spring season of 2009.  The offer will consist of a two pronged approach to reward teams for entering this spring’s eventsLive.  First, teams that enter BOTH sixteen goal eventsLive-the USPA Tommy Hitchcock Memorial and the USPA Pete Bostwick Memorial will pay a reduced entry fee for each tournament of $5,000 per tournament rather than the usual $6000 per tournament.  Teams only entering one event will pay the regular entry fee of $6,000 per tournament.  Also, a cash prize of $5,000 will be offered to any team that enters and wins BOTH tournaments.


“It’s a way to show put a positive spin on things in the midst of so much negativity” says 302 Polo’s managing director Hall of Famer Owen Rinehart.  “We intend to show that we have faith that things will improve and that our sport will go on and prosper despite this temporary slow down in our economy.”


302 Polo’s spring season begins in April and features eventsLive such as the high-profile 30-goal Aiken Equine Charities Cup – a world-class match featuring top professional players to benefit Hitchcock Woods Foundation.  It takes place at New Bridge Polo on May 2nd in the afternoon.  The prestigious USPA Ladies Invitational benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the High Goal Series of Aiken featuring the USPA Monty Waterbury and USPA Silver Cup tournaments take place later in the year during September and October.


302 Polo was formed by local polo farm owners, professional players, and local clubs as a cooperative effort for polo in Aiken.  General information, the 2009 schedule, and advertising and sponsorship opportunities can be found at or by calling Haley Bryan, Polo Manager (803) 215-3577 or Christina Capps, Marketing Director at (803) 645-4025.