Strong Start for Valiente in the U.S Open Polo Championship

Tamera vs Valiente1U.S Open Polo Championship play continued this Friday 29th March with a win from Valiente over Tamera by a score of 12-10 at National Polo Center.

The Teams:

Tamera vs Valiente3

While Tamera made a great start against the fearsome Valiente side, they were unable to keep up the steam in the second chukka, relinquishing 3 goals which set the tone for the rest of the match. Although they fought hard and continued to put pressure on the more experienced side, resulting in a surprisingly even match in terms of possession and field play, they were unable to make up the deficit and ended the game 10-12.

Great teamwork from young midfielders Peke and Paco backed up by Cambiaso’s strength saw Valiente stretching their muscles in their first game of this coveted trophy.

Chukka Breakdown:
Tamera vs Valiente4

Score Progression:

Tamera vs Valiente5
Top Game Stats:
Tamera vs Valiente6