Thai Polo Open 2018

Thai Polo Open 2018


January 18, 2018


The semifinales of the Thai Polo Open, the most important tournament in South East Asia, will take place on Thursday at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club. After the penalty shootout on Wednesday, the semifinals have been set as follows:


3pm: Axus 6 vs Fast Fish 4

Brian Xu’s Axus became the first semifinalist of the tournament after winning its two matches (against Thai Polo and Royal Pahang). This team’s success has been mostly due to the balance between the three professionals and Darío Musso’s experience and management. They will face a tough opponent in Fast Fish, a team which boats a similar formation structured around three professionals.


4:30pm: La Familia 6.5 vs Royal Pahang 6

These two teams also have a very similar structure, with two patrons and two professionals on each side. So far, Royal Pahang’s patrons have shown a good level of polo. However, it will be interesting to watch the face-offs between Fernández Llorente and Bargalló, and Gándara and Andrada. 


January 19, 2018


The semifinals of the Thai Polo Open, the most important polo competition in South East Asia, took place on Thursday at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. 


The opening game saw Axus, the tournament favourite, take on Fast Fish. Brian Xu’s team became the first finalist after beating its rival convincingly. 


Up next, a Malaysian face off: Royal Pahang vs La Familia. In a tight game, Royal Pahang claimed a narrow victory, by only half a goal.


Semifinal results:

Axus 6-4 Fast Fish

Royal Pahang 6.5-6 La Familia



January 20, 2018


With a great event that accompanied the finals matchday, the Thai Polo Open, the most important polo tournament in SE Asia, came to an end on Saturday at Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, in Pattaya, Thailand. The competition featured six 12-goal teams.


Lots of people attended the club on Saturday and they had the chance to enjoy not only two great polo matches but also a great variety of high quality food from around the globe. Malaysian team Royal Pahang celebrated the title for the first ever time.


The event also had the honourable presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana. 


The scores on the Finals Matchday were the following:


Fifth Place Match (Friday): Thai Polo 2-2 22BR

Third Place Match: La Familia 9-5 Fast Fish 

FINAL: Royal Pahang 6-4.5 Axus 


Royal Pahang: HH Tengku Muhammad 0, HH Tengku Amir Nasser 1 (1 goal), Tomasito Fernández Llorente 7 (4), Tomás Gándara 5 (1). Total: 13.


Axus: Brian Xu 0 (2 goals), Damián Marcos 3 (1), Diego Gómez 3, Dario Musso 6 (1). Total: 12.  


Score Royal Pahang: (0-0.5) 2-1.5, 4-1.5, 6-2.5, 6-4.5


Umpires: Daniel Boudou and Juan José Díaz Alberdi


MVP: Tomás Gándara


BPP: Tinta One. Owner: Brian Xu. Played by: Darío Musso