Valiente Remain Unbeaten in the U.S Open Polo Championship

dutta corp1Having been postponed due to an injury in the second chukka for Valiente’s Bob Jornayvaz, the Valiente vs The Dutta Corp match continued on Monday 8th April at the National Polo Center. Joaquin Vilgre fillied in and took the number 4 shirt while Cambiaso wore the number 1 shirt in honour of his long time teammate and Valiente team owner Bob Jornayvaz.

The Teams:

dutta corp3

Chukka 2 – Joaquin Vilgre La Madrid in for Bob Jornayvaz

Picking up where they left off in chukka 2 with a score of 2-3, Valiente were quick to pile on the pressure but The Dutta Corp were able to equalise bringing the score to 3-3. Valiente were having none of it however and going into the final chukka it looked like an easy win for the boys in white with, highest scorer of the season so far, Paquito de Narvaez deadly from the penalty line. But it wasn’t over yet and The Dutta Corp went for a final push to bring themselves within a single goal of Valiente’s 9 goals. They were unable to equalise however,  as the final whistle blew on a 9-8 goal result seeing Valiente remain unbeaten while The Dutta Corp take a second loss to just one win.

Chukka Breakdown:

dutta corp4

Score Progression:

dutta corp5

Game Statistics:

dutta corp6

Next up Valiente will face Coca Cola while Dutta Corp will play Pilot.