VII Guards La Aguada Polo Trophy

VII Guards La Aguada Polo Trophy


Four teams up to 16 goals are ready to play the 7th edition of the Guards La  Aguada Polo Trophy, an important fixture within the 2017 HSBC Spring Season at La Aguada Polo Club, in Open Door, Argentina.


The competition, which starts today, is hosted by La Aguada Polo Club, in close partnership with one of the UK’s biggest polo clubs, Guards Polo Club. This partnership not only ensures that the tournament features patrons and players from this leading UK club, located in Windsor Great Park, but attracts prominent players from other key clubs.


This Guards La Aguada Polo Trophy strengthens the already strong bonds between La Aguada Polo Club and Guards Polo Club. In addition to working closely on this tournament, these two clubs are also partners in the UK, co-hosting the world-class children’s competition, the Guards La Aguada Youth Tournament. This competition brings together the leading polo families from Argentina and England, creating a platform to develop the sport and build lasting friendships.


Guards Polo Club is probably the most famous polo club in the world. Founded in 1955 by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, husband to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Guards Polo Club hosts more than 30 tournament every season, including the 22-goal Queen’s Cup. This is one of the biggest polo competitions in the world, attracting the sport’s top players. Historically HM The Queen attends finals day to present her trophy to the winners, which next year will be played on Sunday 17 June. 


The results of the two games played on the opening day were as follows:


Escorihuela Gascón 10 vs. Tattleton 8


Whitehall Ranch 9 vs. Cowdray Vikings 7,5


The tournament will resume on Wednesday November 29: 


10am: Cowdray Vikings vs. Escorihuela Gascón

11,15am: Whitehall Ranch vs. Tattleton


The finals of the Guards La Aguada Polo Trophy will take place on Sunday December 3. 





Cowdray Vikings: Lila Pearson 0, Alejandro Pistone 3, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 8, Juan Pedro Harriet 4. Total: 15 


Escorihuela Gascón: Juan Pablo Georgalos 1, Tomás Alberdi 4, Juan Carlos Harriet 5, Benjamin Araya Jr. 6. Total: 16


Tattleton: Alex Stone 0, Charlie Cadogan 1, Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. 8, Santiago Mendivil 5. Total: 14


Whitehall Ranch: Bill Lane 0, Francisco Benoit 2, Miguel Novillo Astrada 8, Facundo Obregon 6. Total: 16





Monday, November 27

9 30am: Tattleton vs. Escorihuela Gascón

5,30pm: Cowdray Vikings vs. Whitehall Ranch


Wednesday, November 29

10am: Cowdray Vikings vs. Escorihuela Gascón

11,15am: Whitehall Ranch vs. Tattleton


Friday, December 1

10am: Cowdray Vikings vs. Tattleton

11,15am: Whitehall Ranch vs. Escorihuela Gascón


Sunday December 3 – FINALS (times TBA)

Subsidiary – 3rd. vs. 4th.

Final La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy – 1st. vs. 2nd.