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Queens Cup – 30/05/09

May 31, 2009 hurling-admin 0

I would like to put Lolo Castagnola’s foul mood down to the heat, but then I remembered I had seen him in action on less sultry days, and the result was the same. I have never heard a player scream at his other team mates or patron like Lolo. The result w??? ? ??? ?? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ?

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2009 ing FinaleGrand Champions Spr

May 28, 2009 hurling-admin 0

Leo Mandelbaum’s six goals led Port Mayaca over Palm City 13-7 in a game that got away from Palm City in the final three chukkers of play.
Taking advantage of one goal by handicap, Palm City jumped out to a 3-1 lead in the first chukker on goals from Ezr??? ? ??? ?? ? ? ? ?

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Queens Cup – 26/05/09

May 27, 2009 hurling-admin 0

Adolfo Cambiaso proved yesterday why he should still be regarded as the world’s greatest polo player, after putting in a poetic performance alongside his Dubai team mates to defeat Loro Piana 8 – 6 in one of the last Harcourt Developments Queen’s Cup leag??? ?