Alejandro Agote banned from next Queens Cup match

Alejandro Agote banned from next Queen’s Cup match and Fined

By Antje Derks

Alejandro Agote has been fined £10,000 and banned from participating in his next scheduled Harcourt Developments Queen’s Cup match after facing a disciplinary hearing at Guards Polo Club yesterday, Tuesday 26th May.

The enquiry was held in connection with Agote’s conduct during the match between Talandracas and Les Lions II on Saturday 23rd May, at Guards Polo Club. Alejandro was seen to spit in the direction of Chris Mackenzie at the end of the third chukka. The umpires immediately awarded a Penalty 10 (a) and Agote was sent off for the whole of the fourth chukka.

Following the processing of video footage recorded during the match, a disciplinary enquiry was held at Guards yesterday, and Alejandro was found guilty of misconduct within the meaning of Regulation 4.1j, in that he spat at an opposing player during the match.

It is a sad day for polo, and for Alejandro Agote, since this behaviour is totally out of character for him.