AAP – New Handicaps

Three players from the La Natividad team were raised to 10 goals, Bartolomé (h) and Camilo Castagnola – who achieved it for the first time; and Pablo Pieres was once again awarded the maximum handicap.

Guillermo Caset (h) –RS Murus Sanctus– and Hilario Ulloa (Ellerstina Johor) dropped from 10 to 9 goals.

Alfredo Bigatti and Adolfo Cambiaso (n)rose from 8 to 9; Rufino Bensadón, from 7 to 8, Facundo and Tomás Fernández Llorente (h); from 6 to 8, Tomás Panelo and Facundo Llosa went from 6 to 7

Others going down were Diego Cavanagh and Facundo Sola, from 9 to 8; and James Beim, Manuel Crespo, Lucas Criado, Nicolás Espaín, Marcos Di Paola, Matías Mac Donough, Jack Richardson and Rodrigo Rueda (h), from 7 to 6. The Heguys’ Alberto Bautista, Eduardo and Marcos Heguy all went from 7 to 6.

The new Handicaps’ are effective from January 1, 2022.

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