AAP Womens Handicap Changes

Isabelle Parsons and Hope Arellano

The Council AAP Executive established the changes in the handicaps of 31 Women (22 ups and 9 downs), which will be effective from January 1 of 2023, after what was resolved in March 2010, where a handicap was established Exclusively for women only for use in women’s tournaments.

The most important increases belong to the runner-up of the VI HSBC Women’s Open presented by Cremas Caviahue, La Irenita E-Movility, since the Americans Hope Arellano and Isabelle Parsons rose from 8 to 9. In therefore, the champions Mía Cambiaso and Milagros Fernández Araujo (La Dolfina) together with the British Millie Hine (El Overo Z7 UAE) did it from 7 to 8.

The Complete list of increases and decreases of Polo FEM is as follows:

8 to 9: Hope Arellano and Isabelle Parsons.

7 to 8: Mía Cambiaso, Milagros Fernández Araujo and Millie Hine.

6 to 7: Catherine Lavinia.

5 to 6: Jasmine Dupont.

3 to 4: Pilar Courreges, Cuyen Glenny, Meghan Gracida, Olivia Merlos, Bianca Pagano, Andrea Quintero Ospina and Dayna Waechter.

2 to 3: Felicitas Fernández, Juana Pando, Clara Trino and Paulina Vasquetto.

0 to 2: Dominique Laulhé.

0 to 1: Mercedes Astorga, Valentina Bravo and Sophie Granchi.

7 to 6: Paola Martínez and Sarah Wiseman.

5 to 4: Mine Bray and Catlin Dix.

4 to 3: Catherine Ayerza.

3 to 2: Maria Ottonello.

2 to 1: Paloma Casella, Maria Helena Chávez and Sarah Magness.