Argentine Open:November 13th Piaget vs. Chapa II

By Jorge Andrades

Pilara Piaget downed Indios Chapaleufu II Jumeirah Culu Culu 14-13 on the opening day of the 115th Movistar Argentine Open championshipat the Palerno polo fields.

The contest was unspectacular due to the many fouls and stoppages, which made the play messy. Not only that, but umpires Matias Baibene and Esteban Ferrari put in a poor performace which didn’t help the show. However Pilara Piaget deserved the victory as they led for most of the match.

The winners took an early 3-1 lead in the first chukker with two goals scored by Marcos Heguy who, as was the case during the whole of the match, went forward often. Indios Chapaleufu II reacted in the next period to equalize 3-3, but from the start of the third up until the end, both teams played played nervously and committed many errors. This was mainly as result of their continuous arguments with the referees, who made several dubious decisions.

Despite Pilara Piaget dominated the actions and the score, they were never able to increase the gap, and their rivals managed to equalize to stay ahead twice in the fifth period, however every chukker from the second to the sixth finished tied.

As a result of that, the last two periods were exciting and Pilara decided the game with a couple of good goals through Agustin Merlos and Santiago Chavanne. On the other side, the losers never gave up, but they could not hold their nerve to tie the match.


Pilara: Agustin Merlos10, Santiago Chavanne 8, Sebastian Merlos 9, Marcos Heguy 10. Total, 37.

Indios Chapaleufu II. Alberto Heguy Jr 9, Ignacio Heguy 10, Juan Ignacio Merlos 9, Eduardo Heguy 9. Total, 37.


PILARA PIAGET: Agustin Merlos 8-5 pen, Santiago Chavanne 3, Marcos Heguy 3 Indios Chapaleufu II:Alberto Heguy Jr 3, Ignacio Heguy 2, Juan Ignacio Merlos 4, Eduardo Heguy 4 pen Chukker scores: Pilara 3-1;3-3:4-4;5-5;7-7;9-9;12-11;14-13.