Argentine Open – Day 2

La Dolfina Saudi and Cria La Dolfina Collect Argentine Open Victories

Resuming play in the third leg of the Argentine Triple Crown, newly crowned Hurlingham Open champions La Dolfina Saudi (Adolfo Cambiaso, David Stirling, Adolfo “Poroto” Cambiaso Jr., Juan Martin Nero) faced newcomers La Esquina (Pascual Sainz de Vicuña, Cristian Laprida, Lucas James, Ignacio Laprida), where La Dolfina Saudi double their opponents in shots from the field, as the father-son Cambiaso duo combined for twelve goals to easily take the match 15-7.

In the second contest of Wednesday’s doubleheader, Cria La Dolfina (Guillermo Terrera, Tomas Panelo, Diego Cavanagh, Alejo Taranco) met La Irenita Clinova (Facundo F. Llorente, Benjamin Urquiza, Bautista Bayugar, Isidro Strada), as a close battle was ultimately determined at the line with Cavanagh converting seven penalty goals to lift Cria La Dolfina to the 14-13 win.

Jump-starting a dominant offensive performance, Adolfo Cambiaso struck from the field to give La Dolfina Saudi an early 3-0 advantage. Entering the competition as qualifiers in the Clasificacion Palermo La Esquina’s Ignacio Laprida kick-started a run of three goals, but the Cambiaso’s were back on the attack to combine for four goals and give La Dolfina Saudi a commanding 7-4 lead at the half.

Converting two penalty goals in the first half, Poroto Cambiaso began a strong second half sending back-to-back-conversions across the line. Managing just eight shots in the first half, Ignacio Laprida remained the lone scorer for his team as La Esquina struggled to apply offensive pressure on La Dolfina Saudi. Heading into the final two chukkas of play with a healthy six goal lead, the eldest Cambiaso and Nero teamed up to send three more goals through the posts, ending La Dolfina’s offensive onslaught with thirty-four shots and the 15-7 victory.

In a thrilling contest that came to the final chukka of play, Llorente kicked off the action in the final match of the day from the field for La Irenita Clinova but was quickly answered with three unanswered goals from Cria La Dolfina. Following two consecutive goals from La Irenita Clinova’s Bayugar in the second, the back-and-forth contest continued with another from Taranco to give Cria La Dolfina a slim 4-3 lead. Finding success from the line, Bayugar hit his second conversion of the half, as a final push from Urquiza allowed La Irenita to pull even at the horn 6-6.

Taking over the fifth chukka, a run of five goals for Cria La Dolfina was led by three 30-yard conversions from Cavanagh. Responding with just one successful drive in the latter stages of the chukka, La Irenita Clinova made a push in the sixth to keep Cria La Dolfina off the scoreboard as Strada and Bayugar came through at the line to cut La Irenita Clinova’s deficit back to one. Driving from the field, Terrera and Taranco hit two crucial goals to keep Cria La Dolfina in the lead, but Bayugar was not to be deterred and utilized two late Cria La Dolfina penalties to strike at the line. Despite the efforts of La Irenita Clinova in the final chukka, one final conversion from Cavanagh was all the separation Cria La Dolfina needed to emerge victorious 14-13.

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Photo Credit ©Matias Callejo/Prensa AAP