Delfín Uranga – New AAP President

Thursday May 27, 2021 was a very important day in the calendar of the Argentine Polo Association … A stage ended and a new one begins: Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h) finished his four-year term at the head of the AAP.  Delfín Uranga replaces him.

On the aforementioned day and after the approval of the Report, Balance and Inventory corresponding to the fiscal year expired on January 31, 2021, it was carried out digitally using Zoom – respecting what was decided by government entities regarding the Covid pandemic- 19 – the 98th Ordinary General Assembly of the AAP, in which the new president of the AAP, Delfín Uranga , took over, replacing Novillo Astrada , who presided over the institution between 2017 and 2021. 

In addition, the partial renewal of the Board of Directors was carried out, before the end of the terms of Mr. Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h), Eduardo Heguy and Ernesto Lalor .

Uranga  ran unopposed for the presidency.  His new team will be Ignacio Heguy  Nicanor Moreno Crotto and Justo Saavedra , who will replace the outgoing directors.

Meanwhile, Carlos Menéndez Behety, Juan Lastra, Martín de Narváez and Ms. Delfina Donovan renewed their terms .

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors, to be held in the next few days, the new president will proceed to the distribution of positions, in which Mr. Carlos Menéndez Behety will surely be elected as vice president.

The new president, a member of a great polo family, follows in the footsteps of his father, Marcos , who was President of the AAP between 1983 and 1987; and also from his father-in-law, Gonzalo Tanoira, who was between 2001 and 2004.

About to turn 48 years old, Delfín, Bachelor of Business Administration, a profession to which he dedicates himself in fields and family businesses, assumes after an extensive managerial life, which includes having been president of the Argentine Association of Horse Breeders of Polo between 2012 and 2016.

“ We have to work to continue creating more and better conditions for the evolution of our sport. To promote all the change that we began to generate as of 2017, strengthening the professionalization process of the organization both from the sporting point of view and from the understanding of the business and the projection and development of the industry ” , said the new president; and opening the doors to everyone, he concluded by stating that “I invite those who share our vision of a larger, more inclusive and undivided pole to join in pursuing the sustained growth of The World’s Biggest Pole.”

Meanwhile, Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h) showed satisfaction for what has been accomplished and joy because Delfín Uranga will be the one to replace him for the next two years: “Together with the Council we are very happy with several aspects: the changes in the rules; the sectorization of the different levels of handicaps; the flight that was given to the feminine polo; the great opening of Palermo with the structural changes that we gave to the gastronomic sector and the players; and the federalization of sport. We increased the base and put the pole on everyone’s agenda through the relationships that we maintained not only with other federations, but with the Government ”.

Finally, regarding Delfín, vice president during his four years in office, Eduardo confidently highlighted that “He is the right person. I am very happy that he has been by my side in these years of work, because he knows the Association very well. He knows what the strengths and weaknesses of the institution are, what was done well and what did not go as expected. I have no doubts that the AAP will continue on the same path and that Delfín is going to raise the bar even more since he will be accompanied by an excellent team. I have no doubts that he will be a great president ”.

The Argentine Polo Association made an exhaustive Management Report 2017/2021 , which you can view by CLICKING HERE