La Dolfina Saudi Raises 130th Hurlingham Open Ayshire Cup

Concluding the first leg of the prestigious Argentine Triple Crown at the Hurlingham Polo Club, La Dolfina Saudi (Adolfo Cambiaso, David “Pelon” Stirling, Poroto Cambiaso, Juan Martin Nero) were pitted against La Hache (Rufino Bensadon, Hilario Ulloa, Guillermo Caset, Francisco Elizalde) for the awaited 130th Hurlingham Open for the Ayshire Cup.

Excelling on offense from the first throw-in, La Dolfina Saudi efficiently and masterfully dictated the pace of play. Relying on a balanced effort in the field with contributions from all four 10-goal players, the youngest Cambiaso took to the penalty line converting four goals on five attempts. Holding La Hache to just twelve shots in the first half combined with their inability to capitalize from the line allowed La Dolfina Saudi to take a commanding 10-4 lead into the break.

Emerging from the tents, La Dolfina Saudi maintained their offensive pressure, shooting 58% from the field with three goals coming off the mallet of the younger Cambiaso. Revitalizing their penalty shooting, La Hache went 5 for 7, including three from Ulloa to keep his team within reach. Despite outshooting their opponents in the second half, the firmly established lead and accuracy on both sides of the ball ultimately delivered La Dolfina Saudi the electrifying 18-13 victory.

Leading La Dolfina Saudi with a phenomenal ten goal performance in the final, Poroto Cambiaso was presented the Juan Carlos Harriott and Aspen Snowmass Most Valuable Player award.

Best Playing Pony Awards:
Daniel Kearney Cup (Best Horse in Hurlingham Open Final awarded by Hurlingham Club): Dolfina Baila Conmigo, played by Poroto Cambiaso
AAP Award (Best Horse in Hurlingham Open Final): Sue Ellen III, played by Poroto Cambiaso
AACCP Award (Argentine Bred): Dolfina Roxy, played by Adolfo Cambiaso

Photo Credit: ©Matías Callejo/Prensa AAP