La Hache Cría & Polo Captures 130th Hurlingham Open Subsidiary Drysdale Cup

Batting for the subsidiary Drysdale Cup in the 130th Hurlingham Open, Cría La Dolfina (Guillermo Terrera, Tomas Panelo, Diego Cavanagh, Alejo Taranco) went head-to-head against La Hache Cría & Polo (Lucas Monteverde Jr., Carlos Maria Ulloa, Facundo Sola, Joaquin Pittaluga).

Convening at the AAP Headquarters in Pilar, the two evenly matched teams established an early rhythm in the field. Shooting 60% in open play, La Hache Cría & Polo’s Pittaluga and Sola combined for four field goals in the first half, as Cavanagh came through for Cría La Dolfina, finding the posts three times. Going 2 for 3 at the line, Cavanagh also led his team in conversions, but five penalty goals off the mallet of Pittaluga gave La Hache Cría & Polo a narrow 10-9 lead at the break.

Trading goals in the fifth, La Hache Cría & Polo assembled a spectacular breakout in the sixth. Featuring an unanswered five-goal run, a balanced effort from Pittaluga and Sola and Ulloa established a commanding six-goal lead going into the final chukka of play. Rebounding to keep themselves within striking distance, two from Cría La Dolfina’s Cavanagh was ultimately not enough to overcome their deficit, as a 10-goal effort from Pittaluga, including seven conversions sealed La Hache Cría & Polo’s 18-14 triumph.

Best Playing Pony was awarded to Pena Universal, played by Facundo Sola.

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Photo Credit: ©Matías Callejo/Prensa AAP