SUPA Stars Shine at the 2009 International Festival

SUPA Stars Shine at the 2009 International Festival


The Pidgley Foundation 2009 SUPA International Polo Festival, supported annually by La Martina and Roxtons, took place from July 4th to July 12th, culminating in the Pidgley Foundation International SUPA Festival day, hosted by Cirencester Park Polo Club on Saturday July 11th.


The Festival represents the best of British Schools and Universities players and also hosts invited international school/university teams showcasing their most promising players. This year, players were flown over from the West Indies and SUPA teams selected at the National Schools Trials to participate in the all important two-test match series at Guards Polo Club and Cirencester Park Polo Club.


With the involvement of the Pidgley Foundation, 2009 launched a new era in the history of SUPA. The Pidgley Foundation now joins La Martina as an ardent sponsor of the Schools and Universities Polo Association. The Junior Gold Cup will be annually awarded to winners of the International Test Match Series.  Tony Pidgley genuinely excited about the opportunities that surround SUPA and the support he can offer said:


“I have been involved in polo at the top end and it only makes sense to get involved at the foundation level too, as this is the next generation of polo players. This is what polo is all about and I am looking forward to supporting this event and a number of initiatives with SUPA”.


The British International Team won by a large margin in the 1st Test Match at Guards Polo Club against the visiting West Indies Team however this proved to spice things up for a fast and furious final test match at Cirencester Park Polo Club. With end-to-end play and scoring goal for goal both teams impressed spectators with the speed and skill of the game. With the teams level in chukka three with three goals on the board to both teams, Adam Deane from the West Indies Team took charge scoring another goal almost immediately after the leveller, giving the West Indies a lead. In the final chukka the British International Team managed to clear the ball away from the danger zone outside their goal mouth and were also awarded a penalty making the score line even again.  Robin Spicer wowed the crowd with an impressive tail short into goal giving lead to the British International Team with five goals to four. However, spectators were still unsure of the end result of the game and were left on the edge of their seats for the final few minutes watching both teams battle it out end to end. Once again Mark Richmond Watson broke away with an impressive long shot straight through the goal mouth confirming the win with a sixth goal and only ten seconds on the clock remaining.